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A not-for-profit association formed from the prestigious NCBFAA


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NCBFAA Shippers Association has been offering freight programs and building relationships with our members since 1999.

These relationships are built on trust and collaboration ultimately leading to information that allows our members to make better decisions.


Participating in NCBFAASA is a stress-free process. Members have instant access to rates covering full containers, LCL cargo and LTL cargo. The rates are managed online through our partner CargoSphere. NCBFAASA rates are always current and always available.

This straightforward format paved the way for NCBFAASA to evolve from a rate negotiation association to a full service association, which plays an integral part of our members’ overall success.


John Hamilton, VP Operations

Pinnacle International Freight

Pinnacle International Freight have utilized the contract services of NCBFAASA for several years now and have found the rates to be very competitive within the ever changing marketplace. Another important aspect for our client base, is the speed in receiving rates from the NCBFAASA contracts. We have been very pleased with the quick response times on our rate requests, whether it standard containerized equipment or specialty out of gauge special projects. Overall, we have found the services of NCBFAASA to be a valuable tool in our everyday operations in moving our customers’ cargo.

Martin B. Smith, Ocean Exports Mgr.

Saving Shipping & Forwarding USA

We found that our bargaining power when it came to rates for general cargo was not as competitive as we needed. The NCBFAASA was just the tool to fix this problem. The NCBFAASA cut the costs of our general traffic and sped up our response times to quote inquiries. The NCBFAASA has been very effective in keeping Saving Shipping & Forwarding USA informed. We use NCBFAASA’s frequent messages on trade conditions, port closures, steamship line announcements and re-alignments to inform our clients of the changes occurring in the industry. The management team has been instrumental in helping us with rate dispute issues and other occasional faux pas of the steamship lines sales and rate teams. It always helps to have an extra voice on your side.

John Sepela, International Ops. Mgr.

M and L Trucking, Incorporated

We have been utilizing the Shipper’s Association FCL contracts for many years. The rates are competitive and the port pairs are extensive. The main attraction, however, is that having access to the rates allows us to return an accurate quote to our customer within minutes of having received their request. That – to me – is an invaluable benefit of membership in the S.A.


NCBFAASA is utilized as a primary source of information. In fact, many members view the Association as an extension of their NVOCC operation.

NCBFAASA is frequently required to act as liaison between the member and carrier, resolve OBL issues, facilitate release of containers, expedite contract amendments, and provide special domestic contacts and pricing for sensitive cargo.

These are just a few of the ways NCBFAASA is assisting our membership.


In addition to our other services NCBFAASA has invested in an extensive contract management and rate negotiation system, "CargoSphere". The system provides members with an innovative method to search carrier contract rates and request special bullet rates when competitive situations exist.



The Association acts as a liaison between the member and all program contacts. Problems or member concerns are elevated to the highest level within the service provider’s company. Members are provided with frequent updates regarding carrier services and market intelligence that might impact their operations.